Our projects

Here at noOne we can create any kind of full CG projects.
We make any kind of CG commision work but we also develop original contents.


Dark Edition - S.W.A.T

S.W.A.T is our second Dark Edition video, transitioning the project into MUTED, an original series that will mix the pokemon universe and the Black Mirror series.


Dark Edition

 Dark Edition is a universe partially inspired by the Pokemon franchise, revisited to fit the cruel harshness of our world, highlighting its vices.  

Co-directed by Clément Martin, Florian Malchow, Fabrice Leger et Thomas Jerz 



In collaboration with Nathan Love, we have worked on the creating a mood and lighting for three sequences of Katy Perry’s latest music video “ SMILE” 


League of Legends

This project was a 2013 Fan-Art directed and made by Thomas Baratte and Clément Martin, who always carried a special interest for the LOL and now the Valorant franchises. This video was ordered by  the Youtube channel “Machinima”

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