Our projects

Here at noOne we can create any kind of full CG projects.
We make any kind of CG commision work but we also develop original contents.



Interlaced, the third video of our 12 short films challenge for 2021 is out !
It has been directed and made by Thomas Baratte who took inspiration from Ron Fricke's Baraka and Samsara.


SYFER - Control Point

Here is the second video of our 12 short film challenge for 2021. This is also the last video about Syfer we probably make, the next one will be from another director than Lemo, in a totally different style. Because that's also something important for us on that channel, we want to make diverse and original content from different directors!


SYFER - Last one standing

This video is the first of the 2021 series of original content we want to produce here at noOne. This project was directed by Lemo.


Dark Edition - S.W.A.T

S.W.A.T is our second Dark Edition video, transitioning the project into MUTED, an original series that will mix the pokemon universe and the Black Mirror series.


Pokémon - Dark Edition (concept trailer)

 Dark Edition is a universe partially inspired by the Pokemon franchise, revisited to fit the cruel harshness of our world, highlighting its vices.  

Co-directed by Clément Martin, Florian Malchow, Fabrice Leger et Thomas Jerz 


Katy Perry - SMILE

In collaboration with Nathan Love, we have worked on the creating a mood and lighting for three sequences of Katy Perry’s latest music video “ SMILE” 


League of Legends - Beyond The Rift

This project was a 2013 Fan-Art directed and made by Thomas Baratte and Clément Martin, who always carried a special interest for the LOL and now the Valorant franchises. This video was ordered by  the Youtube channel “Machinima”

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